When do I mark a ward busy?

Marking a ward busy shows an amber colour next to the ward for 30 minutes. The post showing you how is here.

So what classifies as busy?

wardWatch envisaged busy when the ward wasn’t suitable to see patients or perform clinical skills at that time. Whether that would be because there are no suitable patients, lots of other medical students or simply there is a lot happening on the ward. Basically its down to your judgement, so we would like to here from you!

Tell us what you would class as busy on a ward, enough to let others know.

How do I favourite a ward?

You can add any of the wards listed to the favourites list for quick access.

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Can I mark a ward closed?

Marking a ward as closed means that staff and students will know the ward is not available to see patients. As a result, only admin or staff have the permissions to mark a ward as closed. This also applies for notifying users that the ward is closed due to infection.

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How do I set a ward as busy?

Setting a ward as busy, shows the colour of the ward to be Amber for 30mins.

Simply log in, pick your ward, click busy and update.

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How do I use wardWatch?

wardWatch is a website, that can be used on computers, tablets and smart phones.
This article shows the basics of getting you started with wardWatch – currently available in Ninewells Hospital.
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