What apps should I use?

There are literally millions of apps to choose from, with both android and iOS having a broad selection to choose from. Here are few of the teams favourites (mostly across all platforms!), have some of your own? Let us know below and we will give you credit when we post it up.

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We can’t deny it, we know the Mac side of things a bit too well…but we would really like to hear good apps, websites or programs you use with your android or windows device! If you want more choice check out – www.imedicalapps.com - we think its a good site for reviews and latest apps.

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Can I use my phone/tablet on the wards?

Short answer, it depends on the hospital and ward you are based on. As tech gets more portable, its encountered everywhere including the wards, as health professionals use them to access information or keep in touch. There are some do’s and don’ts here are some of ours.
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